Mizuno ● Sky Medal

Mizuno is an experts favorite when it comes to running sneakers, beside being a global sportswear brand, so after I talked to some of them I got curious about it. After I posted not long ago my first Mizuno style called Wave Rider and I kept on wearing it, I understood how much I was missing.

Not being familiar with this Japanese brand I had something new to discover and I started with this other retro style called Sky Medal. Looking at it closely it’s easy to spot its 90s influence.

Layer after layer, blending mesh and leather in a silhouette that keeps your feet stable letting them breathe at the same time, this style fits the Dad Shoes trend.

Chunky sneakers like these are everywhere: on celebrities feet just like on hypebeasts looking for something special and this is exactly the case. These sneakers feel comfortable thanks to their wavy EVA midsole that together with mesh contributes to an overall lighweight style that you can wear all day.

Its neoprene collar is extremely pleasant and wraps the feet without limitations to the movement but no matter how tech I want to get in this review… its colorway and its tropical vibes are a show stopper.

Look closely at its White / Directoire Blue / Black color palette and tell me if it doesn’t bring to mind images of swimming pools and blue skies?! I can’t even count how may of my beloved headwear pieces I may match flawlessly to this colorway. Its Runbird on the side, representing Mizuno corporate logo since 1981, went under a gradient treatment that couldn’t be fresher.

On subject of freshness in order to be crisp your sneakers need a reflective touch, as you may see peeping real quick my latest sneakers reviews. These Sky Medal stick to the script, of course. On the heel, right above Mizuno embroidered branding you have a reflective bumper that definitely adds on contemporary factor.

I feel like I succeeded making you curious about this brand like I am. Give a look to Mizuno website and you will be ready give a twist for better to your style.

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