Mizuno ● Wave Rider 1 Fresh Pack

The real goal of this whole streetwear thing is double: communicate about you and being fresh.

Your sneakers is the main communication tool: the sports you prefer, the way you treat them and even how you lace them tell people what kind of guy you are.

So while the average sneakers fan cops his kicks from an average sneakers chain store, to make an average impression, the true connoisseur digs beneath the surface looking for something to stand out. I’m not talking about crazy collectors: money ain’t a thing here. I’m talking about those that look for something different, just like these Wave Rider 1 Fresh Pack from Mizuno.

Part of a pack designed to celebrate the visual impact of the 90s, these sneakers tell one thing before everything else: you are a funny guy. People are taking their average sneakers too seriously so… it’s better to laugh at them.

The Wave Rider is a style that first surfaced in 1998 and with this whole “chunky sneakers thing” driving everybody crazy, people over at Mizuno thought that it was about time to bring back this gem of a sneaker. It may be 21 years old but it looks like it has been designed the other day. Not only it meets the multilayered standard that these retro sneakers were built on, but it also has the crispiest midsole design ever.

Such part of the shoe is made of EVA but it has a stiff core to add stability that you can see from the side as the wavy purple line.

Watch the outsole and such purple core is visible in its holes.

Synthetic material and dual-mesh upper are your guarantee for a sneaker that is breathable to the maximum so, we have a winner here. You may get fooled by its funky fresh colorway but this lightweight pair of sneakers is not here to play: it’s ready to perform. So instead of going to the mall to cop sneakers, next time pass by Move or order online: Move website is all but average…

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