Mizuno ● Wave Rider Shape Of Time

Back like it never left, Mizuno gets all my love when it comes to new colorways of its classic styles Sky Medal and Wave Rider.

The Japanese sportswear brand that first saw the light in Osaka in 1906, beside providing runners sneakers that connoisseurs keep in high regard, is strong on lifestyle releases. This is why I already posted Wave Rider Fresh Pack just like Sky Medal The Angel Share, the design developed in collaboration with the specialty shop Hanon, among others.

Today we are giving exposure to this new pack called Shape Of Time that includes both the above mentioned styles in new Summer inspired colorways. Influenced by the recent pandemic that is affecting the whole world, Mizuno took some… time to reflect.

Is it merely a matter of precise notion measured in increments, or you like to think of it like a more romantic concept where happenstance and memories make a difference in the moments you live? Time can be lived actively or you can waste it and nobody but you can be the judge of what you do with it.

So in the artistic vision of the designer time is white and the things that influence the way we think are colors. Instead of posting the triangle based Sky Medal, I oped for the circles of the Wave Rider.

With the same sandwich technology on its midsole of the first Wave Rider that I posted here on The Maxiemillion, the impact of this retro chunky sneaker stays the same: bold and in your face but the carefully selected color palette makes it more than appealing. I see a Japanese flag inspiration considering the big red dot but then again I also see an American flag reference if I look at the gradient heel in that shade of blue.

From the rubber branding on its tongue to the fine print on several different materials at the same time, there is no way that these lightweight sneakers are disappoint, from its look to the way they feel when you walk.

As an ending note I suggest you to give a look to your watch: the time to pick up new out of step sneakers is now!

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