Monkee Genes ● Sateen Olive Brown Chino

Phil Wildbore founded Monkee Genes for a simple reason: he was fed up with the scenario around him. Not that he doesn’t like the rural surroundings of his lovely city of Derbyshire, in the United Kingdom, but because so many people wear the wrong pants for the wrong reasons. Mass chain stores are able to offer super low prices, stealing styles from the hot brands.

But the thing is that “your bargain” is only possible because of child labour and pesticides that interacts with a cycle of life that should not be touched.

When British people were fed up with the Queen and hippies they came up with punk rock, right? Phil had a similar reaction to all those bad giant corporations that destroy nonchalantly the planet, beside the dignity of young underpaid workers. He took matters into his own hands and founded Monkee Genes in 2006 to give you, the consumer, a valid alternative for your hard earned money. No, they are not that short. I slightly cut them off, just to feel them mine. You can do the same. Or maybe not.

This Sateen Olive Brown Chino is so smooth it’s unreal, with its peach like hand. Relaxed fit and a slightly stretch fabric called Organic Flex makes these pants ready for whatever test you want to put them to. From your office to the skate spot, these Monkee Genes are winner material, giving you a clean but cool aura as you can easily tell by its rivets and buttons.

Are you ready to change your perspective on cheap pants now? God save the souls of those nonbelievers still copping pants in the wrong shops.
Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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