Monkee Genes ● Sateen Olive Green Chino

Monkee Genes is wicked, as they say in the UK. Some others say “brilliant” and the most skilled in the urban slang thing would probably drop an “ace” in front of this pair of pants. You can change the words but this brand is all about substance, not chit chat.

Born from the opportunity to introduce on the European market a denim brand that had a correct price, without exploiting child labour, Monkee Genes hails from Derbyshire area in Great Britain. CEO and Founder Phil Wildbore was fed up by ultra cheap apparel that wasn’t eco sustainable, beside not supporting sweat shops that turn kids into little slaves.

I introduced you the flawless ethic of this brand not long ago with its Sateen Olive Brown Chino. From the moment I posted it, I wore that pant a lot. Sateen Olive Green Chino has something really hard to come out through a few pictures but it has a superior level of comfort. Just the way this chino feels on your skin when you touch it seems a peach-like fabric.

If you add the fact that it’s even stretch, you are slowly getting the picture. There are no limits to your movements and the fit is just right: not too skinny, not too large. I am in my “short pants” period now therefore I shortened this pant a bit to let the socks show off but actually it is a bit longer than what you see. You can keep it long or why not to try a raw cut of your hem?

Step by step this brand became synonymous with pants the make a difference without losing a sense of humor that is at the foundation of Monkee Genes. Otherwise why would you find bananas in its logo and its little buttons?

When quality and fun look good together I only have one thing left to say: wicked!
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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