“Motherfu**ers better know… huh, huh/lock your windows, close your doors…” (The Notorious B.I.G.)

The last time that I posted here a Mthrfckr item it was a skate deck. What we got to check with pleasure this time is a hoodie. This piece from Mthrfckr is a basic ammo of the arsenal of every street kid ready to kill. I have the pleasure finally to introduce you something ruff, rugged and raw like PMD made a comeback. Fucked up in space is this item part of their delivery of fall 2011. Their whole collection is nice to my eyes, it brings back an element that is missing in urban wear these days. Call it stupor or call it surprise factor, you just don’t expect that a multi eyed octopus from outer space can grab with its tentacles a spaceship where you and your friends may be, high in the sky. I like art on a clothing item. Drawing skills, that’s where it’s at. We have been almost harassed by computer graphics for years now that when a sweet piece gets drawn and printed on a garment, it truly makes the difference. Fatwear distribution (that also deals in Frozen brand) has the pleasure to deliver here to The Maxiemillion headquarters this nice thick print on a even thicker hoodie that dresses our homie Pagaz from Pagaz and Stellaman hip hop duo, in a smart way. This means a tight fit with the right size can look awesome, if you fit the role. He fits his own role by the way, he’s not a model but a hip hop fiend thirtsy for rhyming action. Oh, you wanna know about the hoodie? This 80% cotton 20% polyester beauty with a front and back print is made in Italy. No China, no Mexico, no Moldova and not even Tunisia or Turkey. Nossiiir, these motherf***ers behind Mthrfckr think that you have to act instead of fantasizing. So they wanna deal in Italian manufactured products, that may save our country from excessive import but most of all from low quality. Isn’t the same thing that our friends at Matix thought about? Aldo, the man behind Fatwear, is really worried about these aspects and he sure wants people to know about his hard work. Him and his associate and designer Fabio D M aren’t afraid to go against the grain in order to delivery a quality piece of Italian street wear. I back those guys up. In case you aren’t, a monster with multiple eyes is comin to pay a visit at you. Watch the skies.

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