Move ● Black Label tees

You may be a newcomer in streetwear that just had a smartphone, went to a couple of concerts and has a few caps that match a few of your sneakers. Or you may be somebody knee deep into this thing with a deep knowledge and an even deeper wardrobe to create next level outfits every time you go out of your crib. Move has something for you both but probably this post will be appealing to the latter of these two friends.

Once you have a limited edition pair of sneakers on your feet and you are rocking a cap that is a street dream come true, why should you also rock a graphic t-shirt. Don’t your sneakers and cap say enough of your style black belt status? But then again, being a connoisseur you don’t want to wear a random blank t-shirt but rather something that talks about you and your passions.

This is when Move shop can come to the rescue with its Black Label tees. Nothing but the essence. No frills. Two basic tees with two labels each: one stitched internally, in the ring of the collar and the other on your hem. This is a way to balance your outfit properly without looking as a Las Vegas casino sign…

Think how you can pull it off when you are wearing a slightly shorter jacket or hoodie and that black label peaks out from beneath. That is a sweet sight. Or a detail that makes the difference. Our Move Black Label tees are nothing but two solid tees that you can wash over and over and when they start to look a bit worn no worries: considering their price you can get new ones and it’s like paying a couple of drinks to your friends.

As a closing note feel free to browse what Move has to offer on its first class website: service is reliable and the proposal is ready to turn any smartphone kid into a streetwear black belt.
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Photos courtesy of Martina Oberti

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