Move ● Dad Hat

That Craig Mack joint has nothing to deal with this: Move keeps on making moves by itself. It wasn’t a long ago that I showed you its C.R.E.A.M. combo composed by wallet and money clip and the private label of the Verona retail unit is here again to make heads turn.


It’s one of the main passions at Move and it’s hard to hide it when you have in your shop one of the most significant headwear walls in Italy: here there is a deep love for caps. It doesn’t sound like anything new to me and you too, if you are a loyal reader over the years, shall know it. The first Move cap we saw was a New Era 59fifty. I still have crazy love for that piece, considering that mine was the suggestion to place the embroidery “responsive to your fit” under the visor.


Then after new trends infiltrated the headwear camp, I had the pleasure to post on The Maxiemillion not only two different Move snapbacks but even a Move bucket hat. Time flies when you have fun and in these two years that separate us from those caps, headwear… changed again.


The 90s fever is making everybody crazy about retro styles and original vibes, that’s why there is a massive presence of the Dad Hat. Those smooth, unstructured headwear pieces with a curved visor, so old that probably your parents were wearing them, are back en vogue.


Taking inspiration by the classic Polo cap that everybody was wearing when instead of Metro Boomin, Travis Scott and Zaythoven, everybody was listening to productions by DJ Premier, RZA and Prince Paul, Move Dad Hat is crazy nice. With its little red and white logo shining in the center of the all black crown you are making a statement, just like Jasmine P here: I am never stagnating, I keep on moving.
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