Move ● Embroidered Square Logo tee

Tell me you are still not familiar with Move and my answer will be: “You are missing out big time”. This retail unit in Verona makes an excellent job to give you the freshest gear. Be it apparel or sneakers, Move is there, hunting the same objects of desire you love to wear. What is setting this store apart from the others has been the ability to be responsive to the fast times we are in. Let’s not forget that back when Move was still Vibrarecords it was a record label that was also a record shop selling a few tees, among vinyls and cds.

It’s like when Nas told you in that joint Represent: “Used to sport Bally’s and Cazals with black frames/Now I’m into fat chains, sex and Tecs/Fly new chicks and new kicks, Heineys and Beck’s”. The question is: who you want to represent on your t-shirt? If your answer is: “a shop that from adidas Originals to Nike Sportswear, from Carhartt to Obey, from Stussy to Huf” has it all, you are in the right spot.

Move developed its own private label with correct prices and superior quality in order to give more value to your hard earned money. Embroidered Square logo tee, here worn by Alessandra U, is a premium tee with a state of the art 3d embroidery that has no competition.

Where else do you find a design by Luca Barcellona that says Move but reads Love on a tee? All white, except for the embroidery on the chest and the label on the hem, this is how you represent the realness.

Cop online this and all the other items of the Move Institutional label: the service is as reliable as its proposal is.

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