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I always keep you updated with Move but it was a minute that I wasn’t showing attention to this important retail unit. The brick and mortar shop located in Verona not only is the brick & mortar store where you live a unique shopping experience but it also serves as headquarters for the design studio of Move private label. Beside the collaborations developed in the past with Ellesse, rather than Alife, now the focus is on basic items with an extremely interesting quality price rate and this section is called Everything Fresh. As it’s easy to understand it’s just a way to keep your shopping reasonable without renounce to keep your outfits… fresh.

Everyday Fresh beanie is shown here in this grey melange tone but it is available in 14 more colorways. Did you start to get the picture? You spent on your sneakers and you want a beanie to match but your resources are reduced to a minimum. This is here to save your day, allowing you to have both.

You may wear it as a folded beanie or you can unfold it and wear it in its long version, according to your style but rest assured: the polyester blend of this beanie, with its ribbed construction, will follow the shape of your head without feeling tight.

Its woven label on the fold shows a new branding that differs from the one designed by Luca Barcellona that we were used to. On top of Move sneakers wall there is written “We <3 sneakers” and this is the inspiration behind this label that shows a M on a side and a heart on the other. Let me tell you a secret: it was all calculated. Today is Valentine day and I needed to play my part as bloggers do, giving you a reason to celebrate with the item I’m proposing.

It took me an effort: I tend to avoid love by any cost but all in all… I love Move and my readers so the effort wasn’t major. Give a look to Move Everything Fresh but also to Move Institutional while you are at it: you will love both.

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