Move ● Institutional Logo Patch Crew

Move can’t stop, won’t stop. Yes, the staff that works at the shop assisting customers, buying sneakers and streetwear collections to sell for next season and designing its private label is on a strict Diddy program.

What makes a difference in this retail unit is that it is not run by posh hypebeasts that from one day to another forget where they come from, selling you overpriced urban luxe items. Streetwear around here has the flavor that you usually find on a basketball court, or on the side of a DJ booth when the bass line thumps, on a graffiti yard or wherever else streetwear talk is not a matter of what you own.

The people behind Move came up from the original streetwear scene, the one that revolved around hip hop principles where to be part of something you have to be related by your activity and not by your belongings.

Here with this Logo patch crew, part of Move Institutional line, we apply all the above to apparel. This crewneck won’t allow you to brag about how much it cost, but you will shine because you are representing a legit shop that evolved its taste without forgetting its origins. This item will allow you to cop a fresh new item, after you spent almost everything on that pair of Nike sneakers that you always wanted and your resources are short. Same for all the other items that belong to Move Institutional: tees, hoodies and even headwear. In very recent news, beside Move Everyday Fresh beanie that I showed you recently, now Move Summer Truckers are available.

Logo Patch Crew is ready to be worn again and again, and it is ready to blend easily in your outfits as your go-to item when you don’t know what to wear. Last but not least never forget that this logo has been designed by Luca Barcellona.

Browse Move website now: there is a special offer on a bunch of discounted items that you should not miss by any means…

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