Move ● Institutional Washed Denim 5 pockets

I don’t know if you are already a follower of the Move Shop… movement, but in case you aren’t I strongly suggest you to join this streetwear underground cult. With collaborations under his belt by the likes of Ellesse and New Era, but also with Pony up to the recent Move x Boogie capsule, the brick and mortar unit from Verona even in this difficult lockdown period never stopped, à la Diddy.

It is known all over Italy and beyond that when you type on your smartphone just like on your computer for some online shopping, you step into a world where freshness is the keyword: from those Nike sneakers that you always wanted, to the Iuter t-shirt that your friend was wearing, to the classic Carhartt beanie up to the latest pattern of the new Nuptse jacket by The North Face, this shop is a streetwear aficionado dream turned reality.

If you take a minute to browse among Move Brands section, I suggest you to give a look to Move Projects. It’s there that you can find items with a current design but also an interesting quality / price rate.

Responsive to the way fits and trends keep on changing, there is a little universe in this section that you need to discover. I posted a Move Institutional crewneck recently and today I am showing you Move Institutional Washed Denim 5 Pockets.

While you can now cop Move Urban Outdoor inspired pants, I wanted to show you a classic to see how this retail unit can deal with an item that is a staple in everybody’s closet: the denim pants with a relaxed fit ready for whatever.

I am positive telling you that this item has a bargain price nowadays and you will keep on wearing it season after season. The light blue washing is accurate and the fact that these pants are also made in Italy places them a notch above the competition.

Give a look at the branding on front and back pockets, check how the cuffs look and it ain’t hard to tell that it would be the ideal denim pant to complement a Tommy Hilfiger hoodie.
Time to get crisp (for less)…

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