Move ● Sneakers Game tees

Move squad is really ill. Don’t confuse this retail unit for the old sport equipment store turned sneakers shop: people behind that window sign lives their passions to the fullest, just like you do. No matter if your thing is spinning vinyls on the 1 & 2s, popping an ollie over whatever comes in your path, balling, clubbing or you are simply in love with a clean up to date look.

Considering that its footwear range is rumored to be around 1000 references it’s safe to say that this is the main section of Move proposal: sneakers. Quickstrikes, OG, retro, lifestyle, progressive, limited edition… with these words ever present on Move Instagram always on the quest for the ultimate sneaker style, a vision formed organically in front of Move Design department: this sneakers game is like a Monopoly.

As Move Commercial Director Fabio Lentella recently said to Outpump in his video interview, he is not a collector. If his business mission is to sell apparel and sneakers, as an individual he is somebody that wears sneakers up to their destruction. But not all of us see things in this way.

Some people love to buy sneakers in order to resell them and, on the other end, there are people so in love with rare sneakers up to spend ridiculous amounts of money to have those hard to get styles.

Get it? Depending if you buy or resell sneakers, the sneaker game may have made you rich or poor.

Peep closely these Sneakers Game tees here worn by Alessia M and Elena S and you will notice patterns that belong to styles such as Yeezy Boosts, Jordan Cement, Nike Mag, adidas NMD Boost, Air Max 1 Air unit… These may appear as random patterns to the average guy but they mean a lot to sneakerheads.

Available online on the Moveshop section called Move Projects, these are just two of the six tees available to show us which side of the sneakers game are you on…
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