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Talking backpacks is like discussing cars. There is no such thing as the perfect car but rather the right one for a certain situation. How can you put a whole family in a small car if you are leaving for the holidays? And why shall you drive a 4×4 car if you just cruise through the city by yourself?

There is the right backpack waiting for urban individuals and it belongs to Move Gears collection. Move, the one stop shop for all things fresh. has several lines of items regrouped under different collections. So for what concerns your apparel needs you can cop basic tees and fleeces just like pants and shorts under the Move Institutional line and many other capsules, one more juicy than the other.

Move Urban Backpack is lightweight and its smooth structure is pleasant to carry around when you are going to cop your next pair of favorite sneakers. Unzip the flat top, whose large zippers are solid and drop in all you want. If your backpack is not completely full, you can make it fit to the content by pulling the adjustable straps on the sides.

Beside that there is also a pocket sleeve where you can put your laptop when you need to carry it with you

Top pocket allows your belongings such as wallet and sunglasses to be handy, just when you need them.

Last but so not least, carrying around this backpack allows you to show that supercool rubber patch with Move logo.

In case you forgot about it, such brilliant twist on the OG Love monument in Philly is signed by his highness Luca Barcellona. For those unfamiliar this artist not only has strong roots in the underground graffiti scene of the 90’s but is also a graphic designer and a calligraphy master whose name ring bells in streetwear (and beyond) all over the world. Ca va sans dire that Move is really proud of all this.

Time to show the world where your love at: browse Move Projects section and you won’t believe what you’ll see, ready to slide in your cart…

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Photos courtesy of Giulia Casamenti

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