Move ● Love Hate crewneck

Always do the right thing, like Move does. How can you do wrong if your shop quickly becomes a reference for all Italian sneaker heads, headwear fans and hypebeasts that just want to look the freshest?! Move has no secret formula: the shop from Verona just likes what me and you like and has an excellent online store, no more no less.

As I just said, this unit has a penchant for all things cool and this includes a worldwide knowledge of everything that shaped street culture to what it is today. Rewind everything back to 1989 when a young director called Spike Lee told us the story of a good day turned bad in the neighborhood of Bed Stuyvesant in Brooklyn. Among its many characters there was this huge guy called Radio Raheem blasting Public Enemy “Fight the power” on the boombox that he was always carrying around.

Blame it on his ghetto tale of good and evil, blame it on the impact of its body frame and its aesthetics, everybody back then came out the theatre thinking how sick his character was. Move reproduced on this crewneck, part of the Love Hate capsule, the four finger rings that Raheem was rocking in the movie. To give them justice, the screen printing is made with glittery gold and its branding consists of a woven label on the hem.

Considering the period we are in, what better X-mas gift could represent your love better than this Love Hate crewneck?! Choose carefully among this piece worn by Elizabeth P and the other items belonging to this capsule. Don’t hate: relate.

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