Move – Move Reversible Bucket

I am in contact with the Move clique since the first steps of this blog. Back then I still had no idea of what I would do with The Maxiemillion. Move was at the beginning of the digital revolution that eventually made become this shop from Verona one of the most reliable online stores in Italy. Blame it on its quick service with the widest range ever here in Italy, but this is the reference when you look for sharp streetwear online. Being a shop with a deep knowledge of headwear, Move wanted to expand the range of its private label. We are not talking about that Move fitted cap that we saw here at the end of 2010 but rather about snapbacks and buckets. As you can see from these pictures of Francesca M, the Move Reversible Bucket is not hot: it’s flamboyant! What strikes the most is its perfect shape. The flat top and the short brim look great: proportions are the key when it comes to this style of caps. Make a bumpy top that looks wrong, exceed a bit with the length of the brim and your hat is only good to paint your garage. Enter a dimension in headwear courtesy of the Move Graphic Dept, where your bucket is good on both sides, as you can see from these pictures of Francesca M. How can you resist the bubble graphics side and again, how nice does that little red label looks on a black background?! I told you that Move is a cap expert not by accident. Otherwise why should me and its posse get along so good?

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