Move x Alife ● Remixed Logos crewneck

It happened organically and I had it in front of my eyes since day one: Move rules. Thinking with logic and believing in an actual upgrade of the standard Italian streetwear stores should reach, eventually payed back. Its clean layout invites you to stay and its selection is so on point that… you never want to leave.

When you are really good there is a consequence: people start to notice. Even far away brands like the New Yorker excellence related to sneakers and urban culture called Alife couldn’t deny that Move has the flavor section on lock. That’s where the path started with Move custom 59fifty took the private label of this store: to a collaboration with Alife. Considering the actual value of the New York brand, it’s something to be proud of, an exclusive achievement. Graphically speaking the two logos have been redesigned in this collaboration in amazing ways. Here on this Remixed Logos crewneck worn by Alberto N you have the Alife logo with dots that lends his style to Move and Move in exchange gave to Alife its tilted O and turned it into a I.

A “made in Italy” item, this fleece with long hem and cuffs, has a double branding: an embroidery on the chest and a woven label on the hem. To get a better fit you have a stretch panel on the side to adapt to your body, a feature that you wouldn’t find on an average blank crewneck. Check Move website to cop this and the rest of the Alife collabo. These are remixes that make me dance properly: keep them coming!

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