“Mr Smith you got the sh*t sewed up/work ya thang baby, show ’em how to blow up” (LL Cool J)

Let’s start from the end one time: Original Dun is the name of this item. What is a dun (aka dunn)? It’s a word of Queensbridge rap slang made famous by people like Mobb Deep. Son=sun=dun. Original son (of style when you’re wearing this) then… No doubt like my name was Gwen. Rocksmith Tokio gear is on fire for real. Are you telling me that you don’t know about this brand? You can’t be serious. Do you ever hang out at Move shop? Me I do, that’s why you don’t know. This is one of Flower distribution best brands. Rocksmith blends the attention to detail of a Japanese brand with the love for heavyweight street swagger of a New Yorker. Not bad at all. Especially if you mix with this the love for the Wu Tang family. Rocksmith is in fact also responsible for designs that are classics already like Shaolin n. 36 (Chanel n. 5 knockoff) or new visionary stuff like Obey Ghost. So I was at Move shop on New Years eve and I couldn’t do anything but fall in love with this. The ripstop details on collar, elbow patches and pocket flaps make this a superior item. That blue binding where the buttons are and on the bottom of the back are the icing on the cake. Too many shirts make you look like a clown and others look deja vu. If you ask me if I’ve seen already flannel (or tartan, as you want to call it) shirts I may start to cry. It’s a trend that has been around forever. Way before your girl started to wear them in electro clubs thinking she is fresh. Pull up way back up to punk days. You may have seen somebody in mosh pits rocking two of them. One tied at the waist and the other on the top part of the body. Why? Punk was from the UK originally and tartans were a popular and cheap way to add a sprinkle of UK in your outfit, be it poser or crusty, no big deal. So the thing went full circle as follows: punk lent its soundtrack to skate punks that were up for grab of the style but had to make it their own to go along with their street sport. They needed comfy and tough clothes. Skaters wore tartan shirts forever. All the urban brands have bitten skaters style and nowadays… classic fashion bites urban fashion. Funny: the losers inspirate the “winners”. As a result you can get a flannel shirt from nearly anybody but none of them would look as killer as this. If you dare to object I would chop off your head with a liquid sword.

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