MRKT ● Camicia + short Fantasy Pink

This shirt and short pants outfit may be called Fantasy but the concept behind it is mad real. Forget the high fashion brainwashing that you get from the major blogs: the streets did not chance much and money in some circles is still an issue. If your friends can shell 300 euros on a t-shirt… my friends still don’t. Yet you want to dress like your idols, showing the world what your interests are and most of all, young trap fans have a desire: to be seen.

Our connections over at Minimarket know this very well so they decided to kill two birds with one stone: have some fun while actually letting its fans dress like celebrities. Rewind to last Summer.

A well known fashion maison in a process to change its target from elegant wealthy ladies to a more young urban lifestyle demographic, created a smashing shirt. Smashing to a point that you had celebrities from Pusha T to the actor Jeff Goldblum wearing it. Once you read the price of such item it is evident that street kids can’t afford it so MRKT created… a variation on the theme.

Camicia and Shorts Fantasy Pink are more a tribute to a brilliant design that became a successful commercial operation rather than a bootleg. Entirely made in Italy, this unisex outfit here worn by Elena S is made of a poly fabric extremely lightweight and smooth, closer to a basketball uniform than to a boat outfit, if I may say so .

Its elastic waistband with a cord make this a laid back leisure time item that grown ups can wear to go to the pool party while millennial will wear it with pride everywhere, to show their friends that they came through drippin’.

Can you resist? Of course there must be a strong desire to show off to match this shirt. If this is your case, head over to the closest store that carries MRKT in its selection. Otherwise, you know that MRKT section on Minimarket website is there to serve you with quickness and a reliable service. Isn’t all this lit?

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Photos courtesy of Giulia Casamenti

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