MRKT ● Crewneck grey + Shorts

Streetwear evolves at a quick pace and if you look at these two items by Minimarket you can tell that the Italian brand keeps the streets in check. I told you about this brand recently when we peeped one by one the three hoodies worn by trapper sensation Edo Fendy in MRKT lookbook, including the infamous “Fuck you, pay me”.

Passionate people behind brands always make the difference and most of all always create items with an original flavor and this is without the doubt the case. This outfit belongs to the latest collection and it shows in a direct way how sportswear is so relevant in streetwear with a brilliant vision turned reality.

Aren’t we all accustomed to basketball to recognize team logos without reading them? After years and years of players and musicians rocking this uniform or that cap those teams became part of our culture and we know every detail of them.

Crewneck grey is a brilliant variation on the taping craze that made each and every brand put its name on ribbons along sleeves and sides of the pants. Putting together a patchwork of basketball logos, a pattern has been created and it ended up beneath sleeves instead of its upper part.

Checking these shots of Luis M you see that the same pattern has been used also to create a front pocket that complete the design of this item.

Crafted with care in Italy, this crewneck is best worn with a pair of shorts that carry on the concept of mashed up basketball logos. MRKT shorts are lightweight and cut with action in mind. Think of really hot summer months and these become the shorts that you wear every other day.

MRKT diffusion is deep in Italian territory, thanks to its sales network, but in case no store carries the brand in your city, it’s not a big deal: MRKT website was offline for a minute but now it’s on & poppin’ once again.
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