MRKT ● Doping Control Hoodie

It belongs to the ABC of street slang: dope means beyond cool. Something smashing or if you prefer banging. Even the GZA in his ending verse of “Protect ya neck” rapped “But he don’t know the meaning of dope / When he’s lookin for a suit and tie rap / that’s cleaner than a bar of soap”.


Minimarket is knee deep in this rap thing. Don’t forget that under its hub you can find Propaganda, Noyz Narcos merchandising, rather than Sexy Fendy, the capsule collection inspired by the Italian trap sensation Edo Fendy. It is the latter artist that recently appeared in a lookbook for MRKT that I showed you on my Facebook page.


Doping Control hoodie belongs to the latest MRKT collection available in stores now. I showed you not long ago another item of the same collection called Everything hoodie but this one has a totally different approach. If the other one was making a subtle reference to the materialistic side worshipped by trap movement, the hoodie here worn by Gaia B is a tribute to lean (whose old name was purple drank). Maybe to purple haze but the concept is the same regardless of the dope of choice.


No matter if you indulge in sipping codeine syrup mixed with Sprite or if you prefer to puff huge white clouds like a dragon, if you love to be high you’d better put a sign on to let people react accordingly to your lifestyle and here it is.


Keeping the design minimal, giving strength in this way to the sign alone, your doping cross is big as that of an ambulance. Shock value is guaranteed as this effective front and back design is larger than life, just like real trappers lifestyle.


With its large hood this item made of french terry you will be ready to impress. Just add ice. The whole MRKT collection is available on Minimarket website. Stay ready for a shopping out of control!
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