MRKT ● Everything hoodie

Who are you? You may bee a teenager into trap music that already copped a Fendyhub cap from Minimarket website, so you know its own private label MRKT. But maybe you are a more mature reader that is not familiar with this unit yet so you need a helping hand by your favorite blog.


A tight group of friends working together in order to develop several brands that hit the right spots in contemporary streetwear. We saw here recently a Propaganda tee and a hoodie, remember? Minimarket is the same umbrella that is in charge of the production of Propaganda. Another one of these brands is MRKT, the urban inspired collection loved by music artists on Minimarket roster.


One of them is Edo Fendy, the wild trap rookie that is conquering the whole nation with catchy hits and solid live shows. It’s here that he connects with his followers at their same level, giving them the energy that they expect from this young gun. As you may have seen recently on my Facebook album as a matter of fact, he is the face of a lookbook that promotes a capsule of fleeces, tees and socks.


Of course I saw this as a movement that is making a buzz, so I had to keep you updated on this, starting with this Everything Hoodie that Evelyn V is wearing.


Slightly inspired by that Wyoming hoodie designed by Wes Lang for Kanye West, this piece borrows the same positioning of lettering and image but with a totally different approach. What do young and upcoming trappers want? Fame, money, girls, drugs and all the materialistic possessions that contribute to an ideal good life. Well, this hoodie pushes the limit even more declaring that everything… is not enough.


Here shown in a fresh white colorway (but it is also available in black), this is the first hoodie that belongs to this capsule that I am checking with you. I’ll be back soon with more: one is not enough!
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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