MRKT ● FOMO t-shirt

I knew that MRKT was close to the soul of young’uns but I could not expect the design team behind Minimarket brand to nail a concept so accurately. You should have noticed by now if you are a regular reader of this blog: MRKT experimented a lot with its last collection, as you can see from my posts. Be it a sporty style rather than psychedelic blinking an eye to high fashion, such collection doesn’t lack in inspiration and guess what? It stays close to street level.

Which illnes took young demographics by storm? Social Media! It’s not a matter of communicate anymore, it went beyond that. Kids start to believe that all they see is true and copy systematically what they see they idols wearing on Instagram. This went on for a few seasons now and it’s starting to create a scenario that is more and more common: bring out your smartphone out the pocket and see if something new happened. This has a name and it’s called Fear Of Missing Out or FOMO, for short.

What could ever be better than a design that slightly reminds a big sporting goods company, screen printed on a t-shirt. You may think that this is way cool but what if that tee is spray dyed? Fomo t-shirt is all that. It has a fresh print of a skull catching fire and the flames are shaped in a way that reminds the logo of such company (whose name is, by accident, four letters too).

But what makes this item stand out is its craftsmanship. Spray dyed with a crisp color palette, this tee strikes with a one of a kind colorway where different tones blend with a one of a kind result. To get the best results you may think of wearing this with a distressed denim but even a track pant with bands on the side seems good for the job.

Now that you know all about this item, what you should do is run to the nearest MRKT dealer and try one. No dealer in your area? No big deal: Minimarket website sells online this gem.
Don’t tell me that you missed out this crucial detail?!

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