MRKT ● I want t-shirt

I can’t stop updating you on MRKT collection over at Minimarket. The latest collection is very diverse and gets to satisfy the needs of all the different dimensions in the street.

After giving justice to all the ballers with their Smanicato yellow and earlier on even with Crewneck Grey + shorts, after giving lit types the fire they wanted with Pantaloni fiamme, after celebrating far away cultures with the Puerto Rico tee now MRKT… wants to be adored. It’s a part of trap culture (also called “emo rap” by a few): the desperate need for attention. Dripping from head to toe, flashing expensive jewels, getting face tatts are different ways to get to the same result. You don’t do it for yourself, you do it to get friends (or fans approval: your style is so impressive that people can’t do nothing but adore you.

Following that style code, Minimarket produced for its MRKT collection this I want t-shirt that speaks fluently the street fashion style of these days, where you gotta be fly head to toe. On a a lightweight made in Italy tee with a one of a kind allover print you have an original item that stands out. This sort of stain dye is eye catching like no other and the dripping slime green letters just get along perfectly with it.

The perfect outfit would be complete of course with a super clean pant and chunky sneakers, to exploit to the fullest the potential of such item. Considering how you have colors like white, grey, green and red to pair, you also have plenty of matching opportunities, letting you enter the club like a trap star.

Get all the love you want when you wear this item: how can anyone hate on such a conceptual piece that follows modern streetwear rules by the book. Ask it to the local shop that sells the finest urban brands and if you are having an hard time to find this tee, no problem: you can rely on Minimarket website to deliver it at your door asap…

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