MRKT ● Pantaloni Fiamme

Street style, dollars and flames. It sounds like and album by your favorite trapper but the fascination of urban musicians with money starts way way back. Wanna talk Pink Floyd “Money”? Or you prefer some more recent stuff like Jay Z “Money Cash Hoes”? How about Wu Tang Clan classic joint “C.r.e.a.m.”?


These MRKT sweatpants burn money faster than Rick Ross on a Miami weekend if you ask me and represent another sign of the times of how streetwear keeps on changing. It may be considered an evolution of the late 90s athletic style period in skateboarding, when you had Josh Kalis skating in nylon sweatpants or camo cargos all the time.


Then you had Supreme in recent times dropping crazy allover print pants that literally unlocked this style for young trap lovers worldwide. Considering how current is MRKT proposal, these Pantaloni Fiamme came at the right time and they are ready to lit up any lil’ outfit, making it become big.


Don’t you have the impression that you have seen that burning Benjamin Franklyn before? It was screenprinted on the MRKT “Fuck You Pay Me hoodie” that we saw here a few months ago.


The confort of a sweatpants needs no introduction especially when you have an elastic band in waist with drawstring. Please note the metal tips that elevate the standard of these pants, giving them a sprinkle of urban luxe.


This item has three pockets, two in the front cut like a classic denim pant and one in the back on the right side. Lined with lightweight mesh and closed at the bottom with elastic hem, this pant can’t wait to join in for your next adventure, no matter if you are headed to the studio to make music or to the club, to party like there ain’t no tomorrow.


MRKT is available all over the Italian turf but just in case you can’t access easily a shop that carries this brand, no worries: MRKT is available online at Minimarket website. Isn’t it lit?!
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Photos courtesy of Ema / Nema foto

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