MRKT ● Puerto Rico G t-shirt

It’s since that time when I was walking in Manhattan and a street dealer called me to get my attention “Puerto Rico?” that I realized that no matter if I am born in Northern Italy by two Sardinian parents: I look like a Puertorican. This fact, together with that Frankie Cutlass track “Puerto Rico” that got cut in Funkmaster Flex vol. I in 1994, made me develop a friendly feeling for a nation that, in all honesty, I know very little about.

Even MRKT kept it friendly with Puertoricans, creating a design that is part of its current collection called Puerto Rico G t-shirt. Don’t get fooled by gangster vibes: G stands for green and not anything else, considering that this tee is also available in black.

Checking out these shots of Sara R it’s easy to understand its craftsmanship: this tee has been bleached first then screen printed. A special mention here goes to the designer that turned the Puertorican flag into an M, the M of MRKT. In these days of ghetto fabulousness, Puertoricans are probably hot for what concerns international drug dealing but I gotta be honest with you another time: I run a streetwear blog and I don’t know about drug dealing.

Regardless of all the above, this t-shirt is ready to make an impression. Its made in Italy production makes it shine in its own light, with a lightweight fabric that is pleasant on the body. MRKT made a good job in its latest collection catching vibes with a strong street flavor and turning into an affordable reality for all the kids that want to be à la page but are not able to afford high fashion.

Give a look to MRKT page on Minimarket website and all I am saying will be much more clear to you: youth rebellion spirits are all in these items that give trap fans and youngsters in general what they want.

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