MRKT ● Smanicato Yellow

MRKT has something for everyone this summer, as I showed you already: from the high fashion lover to the funny type that wears t-shirts to make you crack a smile but let’s not forget basketball fans.

Two months ago we pointed the spotlight on crewneck grey + shorts that represent a brilliant concept. Pick the most familiar basketball teams, engraved in the heart of any true fan, create a sort of patchwork and les jeux sort faites: you have a starting point to create a brilliant capsule.

This is how Smanicato Yellow came about: thinking of a solution that was halfway among the above mentioned crewneck and the Canotta Tank Fantasy that belong to this same capsule. This is the type of item that you may keep on wearing: after you played sport, to ride your scooter at night, to have a dripping look at the club. The urban appeal of such item is strong and I invite you to think of all the printed long sleeves rather than short sleeves with woven labels that you may show when you wear this item.

Made of terry cloth, with its raw edges to give it a more rugged impact, Smanicato yellow is ready for your best street related moments. It is no news that this brand part of Minimarket cartel is walking the walk of thousands of urban teenagers that love music, street art and of course sports. Nothing new if you think about it but the smart approach of MRKT revolves around a keyword that most look for but can’t find: contemporary.

It is now that you can think of cutting and putting together logos, it would have been too crazy one year ago and it will be too late next year but being knee deep into the culture, like the designers behind this brand, allows you to have that perfect timing.

To order these items you can go to the sharpest streetwear shops in Italy or you can order direct: MRKT section on Minimarket website will surprise you with items more lit than ever.

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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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