Munk One ● Street Team stickers

Stickers are like tee shirts for your objects: they add flavour. Think about your modern day dj when he opens his laptop. Don’t you feel like peeping what stickers has he got on it? The list is endless, as you may easily know. There is another use for stickers that is not so common in our areas. It’s called guerrilla marketing. Stick it til you drop. Little humans that call themselves street team compete in sticking these little funny objects in crucial areas in order to adverstise new album of artist x, the new single or remix of artist y and so on. People firmly believe in certain sections of mass communication, that there is no other way to say it better than to find a sticker in front of your face, usually on a pole or on a panel, or even on street signs. Toilet doors? Why not. Fire estinguisher box? You’re welcome. Your sticker may turn into a mini poster, if you think about it. There is a street team that is making quite a buzz around them and I had to put my nose in it (you should know me by now…). Munk One is a very skilled street artist. When I write very, you read one of my favourites ever. When others specialize themselves revolving around recourrent themes, our hero has no limits. Brands? Tribal, Upper Playground, True Love False Idols may be more than enough, but if you add My Chemical Romance, Korn, Bad Religion, Red Hot Chili Peppers and a zillion others bands he did designs for, you know that the mathematic is simple: Munk One is as dope as what was on Tony Montana table. His work may be introspective and dark or funny and smart. He can flip the script swiftly, pretty much, using his drawing ability above the norm, to his will (and consequentially to that of his customers). Munk One has a potential in his drawing hand that may be paired to Ghostface Killah in rap lyrics: expect the unexpected. So we were sayin that he has a posse like Andre the Giant had. Welcome to M1 street team. A bunch of stickers, creativity and the streets as your canvas. Get ready for your masterpiece.

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