“My radio, believe me, I like it loud/I’m the man with a box that can rock the crowd” (LL Cool J)

Damn, I didn’t even notice but… spring is here! Forget your goose. Think hot or think not! Right after the Easter holiday you will feel hot weather, start planning about holidays, drink your beer in that cool outdoor bar and fall in love with Irie Daily. What am I talking about is here for you to watch. How can’t you fall in love with these Hit ’em denim shorts?! The Berlin – Kreuzberg brand that is now makin the buzz here in the old continent delivers quality, fun and old school, perfectly mixed, like Eric B was on the wheels of steel. This dj/producer was responsible together with Rakim of this masterpiece called “Let the rhythm hit’em”. Being this German brand around since 1994, it’s easy to tell that, with a claim like this in the interior of your denims, they paid their dues to the old school. Founded by Jaybo aka Monk, Irie Daily was once the posterboy of the n.1 ragga soundsystem in Europe but they adapted with ease to the everchanging times and the result is evident: solid. Their Italian distributor, Double H is happy to send here this piece for a review. This is a denim that I dare you to front on. Who said that if your denim is not an overpriced Japanese production, then it ain’t good?! This piece will make you look official and you don’t have to sell the rims of your car in order to buy it. Innovation is in those two turquoise pieces (button and rivet) and in the label positioning on the pocket, let alone that metal ghettoblaster surrounded by leather. This is a direct reference to that Radio Raheem dude you fell in love when you watched “Do the right thing“. Better yet LL Cool J and the tool that helped him to survive in his hood. It shows I got love for the golden era, don’t I?! For this era we live in by the way, nothing is better than to chill in a b boy stance in these shorts, I guarantee. There is more. If you think that even if you don’t forget your past, you care about your future as a ping pong player, this is what you were looking for, Irie Daily approves.


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