“My swagger is Mick Jagger, Stones is Rolling/prestige is cut to a tee sparkin’ weed, what up?!” (Ghostface Killah)

Tongues help us to talk, eat and kiss. Not bad for a single piece of the human body. In this sign language that we got taught since our innocent days, when you pull out your tongue is when you show no respect to somebody. Enter the most disrespectful group in the history of rock and roll. When moms were thinking about the perfect husbands for each and every daughter of that era, they represented a nightmare. Dirty in their language and in their moves, they had sympathy for the devil and they could get no satisfaction. Represented by a mouth and a tongue that ended up on denim jackets in form of badges and parches for decades, the fascination of this logo can only be paired to timeless classics like Lacoste crocodile or Wolkswagen W but still we are far from it. Always imitated, never duplicated, this tongue today is the main character of the digital soap opera also known to the masses as The Maxiemillion. Not like any other tongue on the market, this one here has a special feature: it’s forked. It doubles the fun, to put it in simple words. The set up is the following: Mthrfckr is a real brand. Not in the sense that the others are fake, but in the sense that it follows the desires of the souls of its potential customers. Being the owner Fabio DM a surfer but also a skater, he knows that it’s good to dress up like a skater but even to have a skate deck and perform some skate tricks with style and speed is not that bad. This Canadian beauty has a set of seven plies of maple that, glued together form a much needed tool to skateboard named skateboard deck. Its measures are 8 x 31.7 and its beautiful shape will help you to skate properly on any terrain. Last time I reviewed a Mthrfckr deck with the help of Andrea “Furby” B I made an “on field” test but this time I just can’t. I’m too busy, the park is wet, there is no sun and basically you can go to my old post, peep the photo in action and think that this deck too can perform like the other one did. Not by accident these are from the same company. Believe me or I will disrespect you and I will pull my tongue out at you, mthrfckr!

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