“N.O.R.E., Nore, sep’ fo’ now we on the run eatin” (Noreaga)

Bassi Maestro is an mc/dj/producer that may be considered untouchable in Italy. Even overseas. Just to let you know, Queens heavyweight champs Beatnuts beside touring Italy the last days of 2010 supported by Bassi, have a few productions signed by him. AG too. You can see the clips and get more news about what I’m talking about on his offical blog. On our home turf, another untouchable tag team recently came with the bomb: “Wake up“. Lyrics so intense and real that you can once again feel the shivers when you hear Bassi words on a flawless production laid down by Shocca aka Roc B. So The Maxiemillion can do nothing but love such an experienced grandmaster. This blog here had the pleasure to play a journalistic game with him more than one year ago. Thank God he keeps on getting dates in our town, at least once per year. It’s funny. No, Bassi is not funny, he may laugh when his set is over but not before. It’s funny how last time I told you I saw him he was opening for Capone and Noreaga and this post is titled with words from a Noreaga track, about Nore on the run eating. I gotta eat too and since I’m without a job these days, Sabotage came to rescue. Bassi is playin next friday and the whole city is excited about it. You can have a reduction if you enter before 1 am on a list called The Maxiemillion. Are you tired of your usual PR? Does he put you on his list then he doesn’t even smile at you when you see him at the club because… he’s busy taking pictures? Your choice is exactely like a vote. Support the ones you love. I come from a customer service education where every little thing that my customer does is magic. He is important, not just another name on my list. So, if you want to support me, feel free to contact me on my Facebook page with a PM and when I will see you at Sabotage I’ll be more than happy to talk with you about beats, rhymes and life. Joe Cagliostro will be opening among others and, yes, we may talk about his Facebook page and the truth behind it… (Ph. of Bassi courtesy of Bassi Maestro Official Flickr)

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