N.obody E.ver W.ore E.xcellent R.esults A.like

Gone are the days where you wanted to dress to impress looking like a clown on acid that entered a paint shop. Enter a new era (I didn’t wrote it with capital letters on purpose) where the difference is made by details, soft tones and accuracy in the making. Grey has been around forever. Same for the college jacket with the faux leather sleeves and elastic striped bands on wrists and at the bottom. The original concept went through an evolution process, operated by designers at New Era, that gave birth to this excellent jacket that you can wear at 360°. Shopping for groceries, job interviews and bypass door selection at clubs are all easy tasks now, not to mention that the flashy colours of your cap really stand out, over a plain grey area like this. I could go on like this but basically I luv this jacket because it’s straight from Move/Vibrarecords Industrial studio. Fabio L knows The Maxiemillion (here capital letters mean the blog, not the person) and this is like a blessing from him. A good wish from him may bring me everything, but friends like this are aready a good result. A couple of drinks are already on their way for you, next saturday @ Back2back party!

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