“Nah shorty, get you open like six packs/killa bees attack, flippin what, murder one, phat tracks” (Raekwon)

Shall we give a warm welcome to the Sixpack France collective? Sure we should! It’s the rags to riches story that reapeats itself once again. Starting out with a shop opened in good ole Avignon, the thing evolved into a company. A hell of a company! The artistic collective that revolves around the city of Avignon is massive. The city that was once home for the Pope in XIII century is far from the north posh surroundings of Paris and in case you don’t know French people live by a motto that goes by these words: “I’m better than you”. Sixpack France is living proof of this. Their small city life lead this group of people to dig deep in what was their underground culture. I’m talking pre internet. This means import magazines in newsagents, bombing the city, vinyl records. Their shop has been the headquarter for cultural growth, hence their own collection of tee shirt. New designers came to bring to the plate what they had in stock, old designers give their best too and matter of fact Sixpack France is now one of the most interesting European brands, when you look at Europe through The Maxiemillion lunettes. Even if their cut and sew collection is remarkable to say the least, with abundance of originality and care for details, what we had the pleasure to put our hands on are these tee shirts, distributed by Blue over the Italian soil. Once you hear that National Forest (Justin Krietemeyer and Steven Harrington) is presenting their capsule collection Duality as a part of the whole Peyote Poem spring summer collection of Sixpack, you would better open up your eyes. To have a better result you shold even open up your mouth and drop some acid in, but don’t say I suggested it. It’s just a way to tell you that this Duality ensemble of tee shirts is way influenced by a psychedelic 70s trip, it seems. Before your senses are completely amplified, get your hands on and touch this cotton material and their print. Since you have it in your hands already, turn it inside out and peep the care these guys put into stitching the cotton pieces together. No need to say more, you got the picture. A part of this even reached NS Progress, the shop where I am available for lovely chats over tee shirt graphics. Don’t leave me alone under acid to chat with the tee shirts, come and save me.

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