Native ● Apollo Chukka

You hear me talking about flavor a lot but what is flavor in streetwear? It’s the ability to put together outstanding outfits with what you feel looks good without relying on stereotypes, being original and expressing yourself. Native is a brand whose flavor is evident and it makes you feel like there is a new dimension in sneakers that you are still not familiar with. To be honest you should be familiar by now, considering that I posted here Native models like Fitzsimmons boots and another Apollo Chukka colorway already. The spirit of this brand is all about freedom, in an eco sustainable way that deserves our attention way more than a lot of other brands out there. That’s why Blue Distribution fell in love with this brand since the beginning. Under the spotlight today we have the Apollo Chukka in his grey/white colorway. These microfiber shoes (yes, even its laces are made of microfiber) have an EVA sole that keeps your walk confortable and makess its weight surprisingly light. With a pair of these on your feet you will be looked at like you are a modern day prince whose minimal design shoes define a mindset where you don’t need glamour and glitz to look good. Let alone that these shoes in the hands of Sara T lets you wear this with virtually anything. Jogger Pants? Why not! Chinos? Absolutely. Such a design and its neutral colorway combined make this the perfect everyday shoe. Check all the other options on Blakshop and yes, you may consider a gift from Native for your loved ones. Make sure that they have flavor…
Photos courtesy of O’Graph

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