Native ● Rain Jiffy Black Solid by Blue Distribution

Native never wanted to be “just another footwear brand” since day one. Its goal is evident: to reinvent the way we look at shoes, with an eco sustainable ethic and alternative materials.

Not a plan to take lightly, even if one of the main feature of the whole range is… to be really light. Its material is based on EVA, the technical name of ethylene-vinyl acetate. What are its points of strength, you ask? It’s just lightweight, shock absorbent, washable, waterproof and odor-resistant. Like this wasn’t enough the low-emission manufacturing process and the foam-injection molding process produces low waste. So once that we know all this we can lay our eyes on these Rain Chelsea boots, in their Jiffy Black Solid colorway.

As the name suggests these shoes have been designed to endure a rainy day with finesse. I couldn’t use another adjective considering that the sleek silhouette of this model is essential and beautiful and like this wasn’t enough the matte shade of black is easy to love. The insole is quite unusual but once I slipped my feet in it started a sort of massage at every step I took. The Rain is very stable because of its design but it’s real easy to break in as soon you wear it, because of its material.

If these shoes in the hands of Silvia DZ got your attention and you think it’s about time to chose what you want to wear, instead of following, you can find this brand part of Blue Distribution roster on Don’t wait for a rainy day to cop the Rain…

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