Neff ● Brain Waves tee

Neff keeps it wavy. Not wavy in the surfer sense and not even in the urban slang sense that translates such term with “cool”. This time the Californian streetwear brand, that party people love the most, went in a cerebral mood.

Now that we are surrounded by wi-fi and other wireless connections with our ever present digital devices and technology is literally taking over our lives, Neff brings it back to the most powerful waves ever: those generated from our brain.

Nitro Distribution sent in this Brain Waves Pgmn Tee here worn by Monica B and I truly love it. It brings out that retro wave that skateboarding was all about in the 90s when it came to t-shirts. Odd colors and creative designs were much more appealing to me than corporate shoes sponsor tees that every pro skater is rocking these days. Following the “little print on the front and big print on the back” plan, this tee is smooth and lightweight but these days what makes a tee special is its colorway, beside its design.

Here we are in front of a win / win situation: both the color and the concept are wicked. It almost looks like a warning sign to me for all the people that forgot how powerful is the tool inside our heads. It may help up to wake up from media global brainwashing for example. Or to show how you find a tee with a message more fitting to your style than a name brand tee that only expresses the money it costs.

Show individuality and be a little mystic at the same time with this tee that can’t wait to be worn just like you feel. You may look for the same Sunshine yellow tone in a pair of matching sneakers but all in all you may wear it totally casual and it will still look good: you will explain in this way that your brain waves are tuned on some other frequency…

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