Neff ● Brodie Shades Nu Camo

We are about to venture in a very interesting territory: single-lens eyewear designs. Sunglasses are a favorite accessory here in Italy. Our demographics from 16 to 60 love to wear sunglasses for two reasons: those that do for solar refraction and those desperately seeking to look cool.

The first group doesn’t belong here. I can count in that number daddies that have to deal with money to run a family and probably they keep on wearing the same sunnies over and over. Then you have the trendy type, the guy that is always looking for the ultimate frame to be the right complement to the freshest outfits. Ask him what is the “must cop” these days and if he is in the know he will reply you: single lens sunglasses. Blame it on the 90s fever, that made us perceive as the cool look retro neon surf apparel with sunglasses that look more of a goggle, but this trend is gaining momentum.

Neff is not here to “follow a trend”. In all honesty, for what concerns this street style throwback, we could define the Californian brand a leader. Don’t you remember that the first pair of Brodie shades that I posted goes back to four years ago?! The first time I showed you with Jasmine P how this style could fit a young fan of the brand but how about me, in my early fifties, wearing a pair?! My point here is to push you to let your preconceptions go and dare to try new things, so I put myself under the spotlight this time.

Rocking the camo version of the 10 different colorways available of this acrylic plastic frame, felt good. If you are not feeling the gradient wraparound lens no big deal: golden mirrored finished ones are in its case too, in case you feel like changing look.

Neff can always give a helping hand when it’s time to boost the confidence with a wicked outfit but there is no need for me to tell you more about it: get in touch with Italian Dealer Nitro Distribution and he will tell you…

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Photos courtesy of Giulia Casamenti

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