Neff ● Certified Rad L/S t-shirt

If you think about it for a second it all makes sense: Neff is a natural on mountain resorts but being its style far from classic ski brands what makes it look better than wearing it even in the streets? This brand welcomes open arms active people coming from all paths of life with a positive attitude, naturally leaning towards party life. Confused? It’s really simple!

Shawn Neff moved its first steps giving away beanies to pro snowboarders that in this way started making a name for the brand. As soon as its philosophy based on a colorful and funny vibe caught up, the power of Neff potential was under everyone’s eyes.

Blame it on Snoop and Wiz pushing the brand at a point or to Future collaborating for a capsule or even to that character known as Riff Raff rocking Neff but the brand is equally legit on the dancefloor just like at a snow park.

Today we give a look to Certified Rad long sleeve t-shirt. Here worn by Michela P, this item relies on a classic formula that wants the same graphic on the chest and on the back in larger dimensions.

A few essential lines give life to an image of the elements that mean the most to Neff: sun, mountain and waves. All this in a circle that says “Neff hdwr (headwear, in case you had doubts) you are one of us now (a claim of the brand) and certified rad” that not only is the name of the tee but the vote that every Neff fan wants to get. There is then “est 2002” to close the circle, celebrating the year of birth of the brand.

The contrast among aqua green and navy blue is nothing short of lovely and makes this long sleeve tee even fresher. Nitro Distribution makes a good job by serving the sharpest shops of the Italian soil with Neff. If your store isn’t carrying it yet, it’s not too late…
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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