Neff ● Coach Jacket

Neff is a welcomed guest on The Maxiemillion for a long time now. I lost count of how many seasons I featured this California based brand on my blog. We did it all: from watches to sunglasses, from hoodies to tees because if there is something that sets this brand apart is its range.

You can find pretty much everything to fit the active lifestyle of a fresh individual: no matter if your main interest is going to music festivals, pool parties or trips to the mountains, Neff got you covered.

Today we deal with the latter scenario: how to be properly equipped for a snowboard session. I didn’t use the world “properly” in an accurate way. You should need an ultra waterproof and breathable jacket but this time we focus on style more, putting the technique on the side for a minute. Remember Blunt magazine? That magazine, that was first published in 1993, sanctioned officially that snowboarding is closer to skateboarding rather than skiing. The crazy stunts went hand in hand with a lifestyle that your parents wouldn’t have been proud of.

So while the beginner may need apparel that gives protection, the advanced rider that doesn’t fall may want to rock a skate inspired outfit while hitting the rails on a sunny day.

Neff Coach Jacket is based on a simple yet brilliant intuition. If sherpa lining is extra hot these days, to put it inside of a coach jacket may give life to the ultimate snowboard shell. With a printed branding on its front, custom pressure buttons and a cord at the hem, this item worn by Marika G looks like the average coach jacket but it’s not.

Astonish your friends opening your jacket showing them the reason why you are not freezing. Catch them by surprise and you will get nothing but smiles in exchange.

Keep smiling: Neff is a brand on Nitro Distribution roster so you may find this at your local snowboard shop quite easily. Neff is all about keeping it easy…
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