Neff ● Cobrah Wash tee

Tie Dye again? Oh, yeah, again and again! Highly in demand this season ain’t no way to escape from this dying technique with its strong hippie heritage. Blame it on the resurgence of Summer festivals and the boom of merchandising items or simply on the genuine appeal of such irregular designs but tie dye is strong like never before.

Beside all the continuous attempt of high fashion to infiltrate streetwear, to steal our OG coolness, even tie dye has been “sampled” by brands that would have laughed at us if we would wear something similar a couple of seasons ago. Funny, huh?

Neff keeps it fun for real, laughing at its own collections, because that’s the sparkle that created the brand originally: fun. Effective apparel with the right amount of details is always welcome but if it also makes you crack a smile… it’s even better. That’s what brought people to fall in love with the brand, creating a loyal following that expects Neff to entertain them. This is the point: snowboarders, skaters and party guys all wear Neff because they love to discover what is next from a brand that never ceases to amaze.

This Cobrah Wash tee is a clear example. In which other collection would you find a technicolor reptile throwing neon pink flames, like he had to fight Godzilla himself? This is the type of impact that other brands would like to duplicate but it’s hard without the right inspiration aka street life.

With its vivid 70’s sci-fi type of graphics, complete with a few Japanese ideograms, this tee is going make you the ultimate party guy wherever you go. With the typical spiral of this kind of washing, you have the same snake printed little on the front and larger on the back.

Its Italian distributor Nitro is in full control of the territory and is doing a good job providing the latest collections to the right shops that get along with Neff philosophy. C’mon, smile, you can’t be serious all the time…

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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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