Neff ● Daily Smile Pattern cap

May we go back for a minute to the origins of this brand called Neff? Instead of making up a sophisticated philosophy together with complex marketing studies where you call your brand all types of names, the man called Shaun Neff decided to create a brand called simply… Neff.

His marketing study was not the result of hours and hours of meetings with a pool of experts but a smart intuition: if I create beanies with the name of the brand and I give them away to pro snowboarders, people will start to see this name and will ask to their pals “What is this Neff brand?”. And if right after the launch of the brand you have Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa rocking your party, beside wearing your clothes, you have definitely created the buzz that establishes your brand as the ultimate lifestyle brand.

That’s why originally this brand was called Neff Headwear (and it’s still called like that on Instagram) even if nowadays it is the ultimate urban brand, whose field of action from the streets to the beaches to the mountains is represented with a range that includes litterally anything: from hot tub trunks to wristwatches, from party sunglasses to technical snowboard apparel and of course all the headwear you can think of.

Neff goal is fun by all means: no patter if you have fun partying with the homies or getting first place at a snowboard competition, this brand created an hashtag that explains all this: #foreverFun.

Today we give a look to Daily Smile Pattern Cap, a two tone snapback with a contrast visor available with several patterns. The one here worn by Elisa C is the checker version that will drop next Fall Winter season. Above this visor you find a 3D embroidery of Neff smiley with the N. Now if you want to smile dipped in Neff head to toes all you have to do is get in touch with Nitro Distribution to know where the nearest Neff dealer is.
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