Neff ● Far Out tee

Called Far Out tee this Neff item here worn by Nicole B has a design built around on one of the most ancient symbols in modern street culture: the smile.

Before you spent your whole day on your smartphone, texting and lurking, putting smiles at the end of any message or comment, smile was related to Acid House. Such movement born in Chicago around the mid 80s had a symbol and it was the smile. That smile meant all kind of things: from a funny face for a kid that designed it with markers on its backpack to a badge on the jacket that welcomed drugs for a raver tripping at a club.

When you think of our days, Neff took the smile as its own logo with an N instead of the two dots, building on it the “ForeverFun” philosophy that is common to all paths of life converging to this brand. No matter if you snowboard, surf, skate, DJ or rap, if you are into Neff, you are part (or at least you wish you could be part) of a lifestyle based on back to back experiences that make you feel good.

This tee looks like a sort of poor printing flyer that invites you to a rave that… will take you far out, by any means. Be it with out of this world music or with psychedelic experiences that you are testing on yourself, once again Neff proves itself as a brand conceptually avant-garde, that may be sharp if needed.

Yes, here we are not talking about a large print of a logo like in that Corpo Raglan Hoodie that we saw last time. Here once again making fun of everything and everyone becomes a priority and the good ole smile gives a chance to the designers to create something retro fresh. Don’t trip out like I do: get in touch with Nitro Distribution to know where the nearest Neff dealer is (and don’t do drugs)…
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