Neff ● Flint Shredder

I am back with more Neff. After I warmed up the situation with a couple of beanies not long ago, I’m here to get you ready for that weekend off where you go chill on the mountains.


Being born on a mountain resort in Utah as a snowboard brand originally, before it became a lifestyle brand for each and every need of the young urban demographic, Neff never quit its love for the mountains.


This mid layer jacket here worn by Alessia M is called Flint Shredder. As it’s easy to understand it is… apparel for young shredders. If you are a beginner and it’s real cold you may need a waterproof jacket with this item beneath but if you are a skilled snowboarder in a sunny day nothing is better than riding wearing a tee and this item alone on your top part. So I read in the comments of the website below this item.


There I also read that ventilation holes under the armpits are a feature that keeps this hoodie functional, avoiding any excess heat to make you sweat. In case you also want to avoid snow entering your sleeves you also have thumb holes in your cuffs.


Being designed with winter sports in mind it has a tall fit, to keep you protected even in the low part of your back. Your neck is protected too just like Wu Tang suggested. The zipper gets over your mouth and to avoid the cold metal of the cursor on your face, you have a little fabric cover up for improved comfort. Color block never felt this nice with a bright yellow in the middle of two discreet colors such as burgundy and navy blue.


If you don’t indulge in Winter sports you may find this mid layer useful to commute through the city with a scooter or a bike when weather conditions get harsh. To know if there are further ways to wear properly this hoodie / jacket, get in touch with Nitro Distribution: they have all the answers.
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Photos courtesy of Michele Marossi

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