Neff ● Fold Beanie + Daily Beanie

I know: you are thinking about taking a plane for an exotic vacation in a couple of months and it’s getting hot in here like Nelly just dropped that single.

Not all of us dream of exotic locations where to rub sun protection lotion on your girl all day, by the way. Some were born with action in mind and for them holiday means one thing and one thing only: snowboarding.

Neff is a lifestyle brand that covers all the fantastic world of a young demographic. To put it in the words of founder Shaun Neff: “We are not confined to one specific category; we are defined by reaching across multiple platforms like sports, fashion and entertainment”. So this is the brand that fits the ideal case of a guy that loves to skate, goes on holiday at snowboard resorts, hangs out on the dance floor at night with a fresh outfit and is ready to go to school or uni with an awesome style. No wonder that Neff official hashtag is #ForeverFun.

The key to a unique style is to rock a beanie, no matter the weather. This is what Michela P and Elena S are doing in these pictures wearing Fold Beanie and Daily beanie. No other headwear item has such an appeal on young urban individuals. Think about it: you may listen to electro or reggae, hardcore punk or trap and there is always a way to slip one of these in your outfits.

The beanie has a special place in the heart of Neff: the starting point was when Shaun gave away at a snowboarding resort in Utah beanies with the name of the brand to his professional peers. This is why you have a very wide range of these items of any length or style on Neff website. Now this brand is available in Italy through Nitro Distribution (so you don’t have to hop on a plane to California to cop your beanie…).
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Photos courtesy of Michele Marossi

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