Neff ● Internet Famous t-shirt

I so love when Fresco Distribution gives me some previews and this is another case. What is fresher than a tee that still isn’t available until next season?! Under our scrutiny today here comes a Neff t-shirt.

From the lifestyle brand founded by Sean Neff, we get to see in advance its Internet Famous t-shirt, here worn by Talita L. This brand can’t be beat when it comes to party tees. Think how many factors come into play here: cat, internet, bling bling and Neff smiley logo. All this gets to the next level when you design it with a color palette of vivid colors like this.

I don’t know what’s the deal with cats, I am the only animal allowed in my apartment but the people that own them seems fascinated to no end by every little move or expression of these domestic felines. I have even heard some theories about cats being sent by extraterrestrial beings to monitor us but I will believe this the day I see pink elephants flying.

The internet is full of cats, blogs, infos, videos and all the related waste of time. It seems that the goal for other bloggers is to become internet famous while for me it’s different: I just use The Maxiemillion to spread knowledge on the finest streetwear and sneakers, not to let you see my face.

Bling bling is such a wide topic that it’s hard to discuss about it: do you prefer Slick Rick bling or Young Thug’s? All that matters here is Neff smiley: a genuine icon, here to represent fun and the need to put in doubt anything that the other brands make you believe. Can’t we just have a laugh? We sure do. In the meantime we get to wear a tee that will be available around next February. Don’t forget where you saw it first…
Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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