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Neff is a brand that is doing great. Very few other lifestyle brands survived the ups and downs of the streetwear industry through the years and Neff is among them. All this staying true to the original formula: if you like to keep it #foreverFun we have plenty of stuff for you.


I said “plenty of stuff” instead of “a complete apparel line” because this brand also indulges in the creation of cool accessories such as party sunglasses and watches, beside all the crispy headwear styles. Neff is close to underground trends and after a few seasons of hard work it is successfully accepted both in snowboard and music scenes and the item in this post is proof.


O.D. Hoodie is the right item at the right time. I read more than a reliable fashion magazine that states how en vogue will this trend be in the next months but it’s no news for this brand based in California. Don’t you remember that last season I posted a t-shirt by this brand dyed with such technique?


Tie dye is a bit like camouflage: hardly you will find two that look the same but all of them (or almost) look dope. Its hippie heritage goes hand in hand with the return of this movement as a major inspiration for high fashion and at the same time music has its weight here. Think Coachella or Musink or all the other popular music festival. It’s there that nowadays you may buy a merchandising tee that, most likely will be… tie dyed.


Give your personal twist in an outfit to this O.D. Hoodie that Lisa L is wearing. Ripped denims? Why not. A jogger pant? The cleaner the better. Create the perfect contrast and this hoodie dyed in three different colors will make you look the coolest of the party, just like Lloyd AG at BSMNT recently. Neff is doing great, this hoodie is contemporary like never before, so what are you waiting for? Nitro Distribution is hyped on the new Neff season. Does your store carry it, already?
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Photos courtesy of Martina Oberti

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