Neff ● Orphan Trucker

If there is one thing that I love about Neff is the absolute creative freedom of its designers. I am all about freedom, in case you didn’t notice up to now: freedom of expression and art combined are my main source of inspiration that pushes me to do this blog thing on daily basis.

This Orphan Trucker inspires me to a point that I could even bring out some references to that Ghostface masterpiece that is “Motherless Child”, considering the name of this item. But even those two bars from GZA “Liquid swords” would fit here: “The soft comedian rap sh_t ain’t the rough witty/On the reel to reel it wasn’t from a tough city” but I gotta realize that you are here not to discuss Wu-Tang knowledge but rather to know more about Neff flavorful headwear.

Before Fall comes we will still have some great sunny days where to rock a trucker cap is mandatory and what’s better than doing it while cracking a smile?! It is quite common to hear the “keep it real” phrase but from my experience let me tell you that those that keep it real don’t even say that…

Designers agree with me considering that with this headwear piece instead of bragging, they keep it reel just like a fisher does. It couldn’t be any different considering the hashtag #foreverfun that regroups Instagram shots of this brand.

Look closely these pictures of Sara R and you will see how the design is definite and it has a thick black outline slightly 3D. Not to be confused with a random trucker, this cap has even a little woven label with Neff smiley logo stitched to the plastic closure. Enjoy the end of the Summer with a proper headwear piece. Go to the nearest shop that deals with Nitro Distribution brands and start wearing whatever you like: just be free
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