Neff ● Seasons hoodie

Very few times I stumbled on a hoodie that could pass a message in such brilliant way. What is Neff all about, you ask? Fun on any terrain! No wonder that the brand that first saw the light of day on 2002 is still doing his thing to this day, with its activities all regrouped under an hashtag: #neffyeah.

Shaun Neff brain child this time gets us thinking about surfing and snowboarding as a religion, comparing graphically these two elements on a Tao shaped graphic. In good there is always some bad and viceversa just like in snowboarding there is always a bit of surfing.

But you won’t see any board making it to this design: the two worlds are symbolized by a pine and a palm, the trees usually surrounding these two different scenarios. This is totally brilliant so let me point out a few more reasons why this Neff item is nailing it.

Its colorway is ready to make your favorite camouflage pants get in the mix for the ultimate street outfit. The blend of olive green on the background and the lavender tone of blue together with orange and pale pink shows that kind of research on design that never go unnoticed around here. Look how such palette is making the back print pop out. Same for the sleeves, usually printed on long sleeves tees and more rarely on fleeces.

Another detail of this item that makes it stand out from a generic hoodie is this little embroidered label stiched on the hem. So no matter if you wear this hoodie when it gets chilly at the beach or if you want to wear it on your favorite snow resort when you hit rails with a touch of street style, this is your next Neff item.

You can get it from any shop on Nitro Distribution program that carries this brand. If not, connect your favorite shop as soon as you can, unless you are an online shopper. In that case you can order this item from Neff website, both from the beach or the mountains, no matter where you are…

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