Neff ● Seduction tee + New Fection snapback

Is that Snoop joint “Sensual Seduction” still buzzing in your ears? If not, blast it in your stereo at full volume while I present you a preview from Neff FW 17.

The streetwear brand founded by Shaun Neff shows no sign of slowing down as you can see from these pieces sent in by its Italian lieutenant Fresco Distribution. I peeped the catalogs of what is supposed to hit stores around the end of August and I couldn’t get more stoked on the infinite range of this brand. It may be apparel, headwear, beachwear, snowboard gear, watches, backpacks… nothing is missing.

This preview that I’m presenting you with the help of Klaudia P and Nicole R is composed by Seduction tee and New Fection snapback in that Infrared colorway that sneakerheads love so much. As it’s easy to understand, this brand based on funny concepts its whole evolution. The outcome is that quality is superior without losing the light spirited style that is the foundation of Neff.

That’s why designers wanted to create a fake promo tee of a non-existing perfume, pairing it to an image of a dog that is all but sexy. That’s why you find on the lightweight snapback made of sail cloth a logo of a smile with a N inside.

Such smile is Neff new corporate identity for a simple reason: no matter if you snowboard or skateboard, if you DJ or if you chill in a pool all day: Neff keeps it #foreverfun for you.

These items are not out yet but Neff website is open 24/7 (and it can’t wait to seduce you…)

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