Neff ● Shibori Wash Tee

Neff can’t be beat when it comes to a party tee. The brand that represents the funny side of California state of mind understood how crucial it is to deal at the same time with three aspects typical of this turf. The definition of easy living is when you can skate, snowboard or surf while listening to your favorite tunes then go at a party where you celebrate a successful day full of good vibrations and rad tricks.

So to make it simple Neff is either good to design apparel to let you do your action sports thing just as it is to let you be the heart of the party, defining a new standard. Put aside your average sporty guy, the ideal Neff rider is someone that didn’t sleep much, puts himself on a savage mode and shreds the spots in pieces. All this standing out in an unmistakable trademark style.

Part of this is the Cali classic item made famous by none else than the Grateful Dead back in the 70s: the tie dye tee. Was it a matter of being cool on a budget, rather than a matter of creativity and DIY? I’d rather think that it was a combination of the two and I’m happy to see it back because the vibe of joy it brings is automatic.

The Shibori Wash tee here worn by Samira T is just that: an item that steal smiles from everyone. This mens tee that I made her model is black and blue if you want something different from the rainbow tie dye tees. With its almost invisible branding with the Neff smiley logo, this tee leaves all the “have you seen me” job to its vivid irregular pattern that will make you welcome at any wild party.

In case you are interested in this party passepartout you just need to reach a retail unit that deals in Nitro Distribution brands. It will surely have anything related to Neff lifestyle, from skateboards to snowboards and even surfs and cool club hoodies
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